school projects 2013-2014


school projects 2013-2014


PEAK Film Productions, rebranding project, 2014

peak logo

PEAK Film Productions
rebranding project, 2014

Earlier this year, when I was working at the previous agency, I spent a lot of time at this Production company (eventually even more than at my original agency), learning and assisting. Somewhere along the way I started their rebranding. First of all changing their logo to a new, sophisticated, powerful, crisp design, putting their “digital”, “film production” feel into the logo itself as well. (before and my afters below)

peak logo progress

Then I continued with the company identity stuff, business card, website, etc. It was going well, but then I left the agency, and them as well, I kind of got exhausted of everything, and stopped all my ongoing branding projects. Peak was among them, unfortunately.

But couple of months later I saw their new website up, programmed, based on my guidelines and layout. I like it, just how I imagined it. Check it here:

I saw their new showreel too, it’s so nice. None of it is my work (unfortunately, I wish I had to do anything with so much awesomeness), but my logo is at the end, and I like how they put that black silk falling down like in a way that if you look at it they are actually mountain peaks. Really nice.

peak - website

I didn’t share it up till now, because I was waiting for the right time to visit them and photography in some of the identity stuff. Like the business cards. Or their equipment with the logo on it. I left so abruptly, I didn’t have time back then, and most of it wasn’t ready yet.

And now I feel that I won’t go there anytime soon either, so I just decided to share at least these. With having instagram I try to keep my portfolio(-kindofthing) active, and I’m bringing up some of my favourite projects from the past.

wip + autumn + little bat

Breath In wip

so the Breath In fanart is still in progress. the portrait part was finished by last week already. ever since then im engaged with the details. im not sure when i will loose my patience, there is still a lot to be done. not to mention that i have two projects due sunday midnight, both of them requires quite a lot of work from me, and i just want to hide from them, i want the world to leave me alone, i want to draw.


loved this leaf skeleton. its so imperfect, gosh, its beautiful.
there is that saying: “autumn smells like dying”. this leaf makes me remember that.

_DSC7775 b b

yesterday eve i was sitting at my computer, when i heard the cat running towards my room, and when she reached it some weird sound came with her. so i looked up and she was trying to catch this bat. when we moved into this house we often had bats coming inside in the night. but there was no more in the past years, and suddenly here we had this little darling. he was soooooo scared. the cat is still small of course, meant totally no harm, no chances of catching him. but he was still so deadly scared.
i called my brother from the other room to come and save me.
at first he was amused, then he hid behind the door himself, i was like “jeez, are you a man or what?” … my little yorkie came for the sound too. now i had a brother hiding behind a door, a bat flying across my room back and forth, and a cat and dog running behind him. and there was me trying to get my camera off the tripod, and adjusting the settings to the night lights so i can film what was happening here. before i could manage to get everything right the bat found my book shelf, and hid behind the books. with my brother we slowly took off the books, my dog at our feet squeaking, trying to climb onto the shelf.
and there was this little cutie, hiding his small head in the small place between the shelf and the wall, with the most certainty that he is protected, and if he cant see us, then we cant see him. nothing could make him think any other way. i was laughing so much, jeez, such a cutie. just look at him.
i grabbed him softly (because turns out i am the man at the house), he started to squeak like a horror-sci-fi sound effect, i think i have never heard them squeak, this was a new experience, and was unexpected. i was screaming with him, while running at the window and letting him free.
i actually like bats, i think they are absolutely adorable.
i just prefer having no actual body contact with them.

new one


its in progress already. though i have doubts of being able to finish this weekend. i want to take the time with it. and i have to finish some school projects too.

preview. Breath In

the green paper – stop motion

the green paper. unlisted video.
a short and quick school project from today.

the journey should have been a little longer, and the retouching a little less careless, but i kind of had enough of it after the first 20 photo, and originally the project should have been 5 sec long, so i totally overdid even if it doesnt seem so.
i gave this much time for the beginning folding because im so fond of myself being able to make a frog now. : D up till now i could make only boats from paper and airplanes, and now i can make a frog too, yay, i feel upgraded.