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time to draw something new.

and to clean up my place.

kyungsoo digital

kyungsoo digital


so the thing is … it was not supposed to be kyungsoo. this was supposed to be nonfanart.
i have decided i will draw some of my nonfanart ideas this summer. i have plenty of them.
and i tried.
i really did try.
and i couldnt. i got bored like after 30 mins, then i got angry in the next 30 mins, and then i started to throw things and stopped drawing. this was a scheme i repeated the next time i wanted to draw something nonfanart. so i decided .. i will trick myself. i will draw what i wanted nonfanart with a face i love to fall in for days. and voila, i could draw, i didnt notice the hours passing by. just like it usually happens when i draw fanarts.

im having problems with the category though.
fanarts are arts that are inspired by the very person. .. based on this definition this is not a fanart. i dont feel its a fanart either. but without him i wouldnt be able to draw this, so even though he was not the source of the inspiration, he still was the one who made it happen. now… am i supposed to call it a fanart or i cannot?

kyungsoo digital


i didnt entirely gave up nonfanart arts yet. i will still be trying, i refuse to believe im not able to do it. : D
im planning to draw a traditional art in the upcoming days though, a fanart, with a vid. its been a while since i made one, and i want it to happen.




treasure found in the depth of the garage, under mountains of stuff, next to the mice and rats, in a half rotten box.
that was not what i expected.




our petite Tiger.
he joined our family last week.

he was found by another family in another city. when one day the little girl of that family was walking down their street and this little creature sticked to her. he was barely 2 weeks old, and dirty. the family asked around the street if someone knows him, but – of course – no one said they did.
so the family started looking for someone who can take him in, because they could not. they called us on other matter, and then mentioned – just by the way – if we want a kitty or not.
and we did, we were talking about it just last week, because mouses appeared in our garage, and we have mouses in the house sometimes too. having a big old house, with unused rooms, with big garden and a separated big garage its only normal to have mouses. our last cat disappeared couple of years ago, and we were thinking of getting a new one. only this time a perfectly normal one, not a decorative nice one (the last one was a huge siberian cat).
and then that family called, and we were just “hey, we actually do need one”, so they brought him immediately.
he was scared and totally mute at first, i thought he damaged his voice or something. but the next day his voice slowly came back, we washed him, and fed, and play with him.
we keep him in the house until he grows a little bigger then he moves to the garage. he will love it there. hopefully he claims back our garden too, since our last cat left random ugly cats are passing by here.


its been a while since we had such a little thing at home, so we arent used to pay attention to where we step, or be careful. Tiger jumped out of the second floor’s window the third day already, arrived on his stomach right onto the rocks, i was down in the garden and heard the puff, he got shocked and didnt move for couple of hours, was just sleeping on my lap, i was scared he has internal damage. … then a day rest, then on the second day from then my brother went over his leg with his wheelchair. jeez.
now we put a little bell onto him, so we hear where is he. : D
we used to have these little bells on our yorkie too when he was small, and on our other cat too.
the bell is back for a while.

Szesze (my yorkie) doesn’t like him, but he is getting old already he likes basically no one, and tired of us bringing random creatures to his territory. our doberman likes the kitty, only the kitty doesn’t like him : D so the dobbie doesn’t dare to approach or he will receive some more blows. evil-evil cats.





booklist – 2/4 (2014)

been a while since the last time i shared the books i have read. i wanted to make the list after every 3 months, but after the second 3 months had passed i didnt have anything to share. there was about a nearly 3 months break in my reading. school, work, exams were over my head and i couldnt make myself to pause and read something.
but after school i got back to it.
terribly behind schedule with my 50 books though, like for 10 books behind.

nevertheless, [ here ] is the 1/4 of the books
and now here is the second quarter of the list.
im at 15/50 books.

David Sedaris: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls - 4*

Ernest Hemingway: The Old Man and the Sea - 3*

Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre - 5*

Chip Kidd: The Cheese Monkeys - 3*

Lisa See: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan - 5*

i didnt read anything from David Sedaris before. and im totally not the kind of person who likes humorous books. i dont find them funny. i have been mentioning this before in the previous list. i still gave one more chance to it. im surprised i did, but im so glad i really did. there were parts where i was basically laughing through it. there were parts when i could barely hold my image looking civilised while i was in the train, and reading the book. woah. they say he has the kind of style that is not for everyone, you either like it or hate it. but he is the first writer who actually made me laugh. the reason why i still didnt give 5* for it, because sometimes it was quite boring for me, and i was waiting for it to end. im giving it still 4* because the style and because hats off for making me laugh.
okay, i hate Hemingway. because of school we did have to read some books from him, of course, and they were terrible. especially the story of the snows of kilimanjaro, which is among my top hated literature things ever. the last time i had a hemingway anything in my hands were about 6-7 years ago, and i was different. couple of weeks (months?) ago i was watching the move City of Angels, which i wanted to watch for several years, but never really actually did, and that day i sat down and did. was a huge disappointment, and i didnt like it at all, and the whole big crying in the end was nowhere either, not even a little tear. but … a hemingway books gets attention in the movie, the moveable feast. and i got interested. i didnt get as itnerested to download it yet, but the next day i went past my bookshelf, and i realised i saw a hemingway book somewhere when i was reorganising my room, and i found it, it was The Old Man and the Sea. so i took it out, sat down, and read it. this is also something we all learn about in school, if not school then we hear about it all around … i was still surprised to find out i totally mixed it with something, this was not exactly what i thought i know about the story. it was terrible though. turns out i still hate hemingway. i liked the style though. thats why i gave 3* though now im thinking that i was generous with it. im still curious about the moveable feast. giving one last chance to hemingway.
Jane Eyre is the other story thats all around but turns out its again not what i thought i know about the book. somehow every film adaptation kind of went around me, because i have never seen one. im glad, because i could enjoy the book and the story to its most extent. and i loved it. i loved everything about the book. the mood of the book was especially well timed too, i like that kind of mood, gloomy, greyish, windy, rainy kind of mood.
The Cheese Monkeys on the other had was a disappointment. though i was quite troubled over my opinion about it. the story was bad. and it just got even worse to the end, just when i thought it cant get any worst. it was terrible, honestly. BUT … everything else was great. the book is … .. about my life basically : D its about graphic students, art department uni life. students that get engaged in arts first, then more onto graphics. i could relate to almost everything. the way the classes go, the opinions, the different kind of students and approaches, the teachers, the way people outside think about our profession, the way it moves into our life slowly and gets not only part of our life but it gets to be our entire life, the way it changes how you see things, etc. Kidd, being a designer himself, knows all these too, and wrote it into a book, its not some kind of outsiders fiction about how our uni life probably looks like. the jokes were perfect, and the fact that i did find them funny made me proud : DD  i could really.. really relate to it. even the assignments the students got in the book were my assignments too, some of them. like the picture into typography, it was exactly my homework too in the first year, i remember i made the words “silhouette” and “invert” : D i lived that all through, me too. Kidd put his opinion into the book, his opinion about graphics, the relationship between design and art, things he value. it was – again – such a great timing for me to read this book. im soon receiving my diploma and the book was a journey for me back to the beginning, when i started all this, and made me remember why did i start this, and how enormously much did i improve since then. and the ending, the last page was perfect too, it was like a shot of enthusiasm. i wish i had a copy of the book too, i heard the hardcover, the one that he designed himself looks outstanding.
…. the story was terrible, still. thats why i gave only 3*. i recommend it to design students, who are already studying and doing it. and only for those. not even for those who are planning to study or do it, because they wont be able to relate to it yet. and im totally not recommending it for someone who has nothing to do with the topic.
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan was great. i really liked how much i could learn about the traditional chinese culture, stuff i didnt know about before, it gave a really good insight. i also loved how this chinese culture thing was 50% about human thoughts, and not only technical. about how women should think and act. sometimes old legends (stories) here and there. and above all the story was good too, i wasnt bored not even once. 5*, excellent.

currently reading: Carlos Ruiz Zafón: The Shadow of the Wind (The Cemetery of Forgotten Books #1)
its pretty boring in the beginning, i hope it will get better, it has high ratings, so im not losing my hope.

if you have recommendations, books you enjoyed really really much tell me please, leave a comment/message, im in desperate need of good books! : D
also, im curious about other opinions about these books, other books, your booklist~

digital speed art

sehun sunny


a speed-art i drew couple of days ago. the only reason i have finished it because of my stubbornness. i didnt like it, then i worked on it a little more, i liked it even less, then at a point the electricity went out, my computer shut, and i had to redo the entire hair, plus some other details.
i couldnt make myself to share it. i hate it.
and i hate to announce it public when i do, because if someone then i should totally keep my back to my drawing even if i see its flaws, but now i totally cant, i hate it so much. : DD
thats why you wont see this anywhere else than here on my blog.
sehun, btw. cause im sure its not even-..
here is the wip too i shared about a week ago or two on twitter:




Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 19.24.41






- just-..
- yea.




all healed already.

im still loving it. and im really happy i decided on white, i keep looking at it, and im sure it would have looked terrible in black.

but im not entirely satisfied with it. i still cant see it as it is, because i had to design it, and its .. terrible. i mean designing for yourself is terrible. i would be happy if i could find a tattoo artist who is great with geometric and abstract stuff. like.. like dr woo, but he is in LA, i need someone nearer, somewhere in europe at least
.. to expand it.


mountain speedpaint

getting up too early and sitting in the office feeling way too bored.

mountain speedpaint


■ ■ ■ (Kyungsoo fanart)

■ ■ ■


full resolution

just wanted to draw him. its been a while since the last time i drew him, it felt good to get lost in his details.

i love him in black, and i cant be happier to see that lately he is not wearing anything else than black : D keep that habit honey, you look great : )  … i also love V necks. … just saying : DD


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