this summer seemed to be favourable for our spiders in the garden. they grew monstrous. huge.
and now autumn arrived, and their webs are flying, often with spiders floating in the back. when i was little my mum sewed me pants to play for the autumn, black ones, and she painted a little silver spider web on the thigh. i asked why a spider web (especially that i was known to run around screaming and crying whenever i saw spiders), and she said because its autumn. so i asked why are spider webs special in the autumn. and she replied because in autumn they are flying.
that was the first time i noticed them in the wind. and ever since i see webs flying around the end of summer i always say “oh, autumn has arrived”. now i see them everywhere, spiders windsurfing at the back. curtains of long webs, sparkling in the sun, around the trees, moving with the wind.
its beautiful.

spiderwebs are beautiful.










photo + new semester


and school started last week.
my last year in uni. finally. because of me skipping years it took way too long to get here. now i couldnt leave this year out, we are allowed to take only two years on hold, and i have used them up already.
and in the beginning of the second week i already got sick and left out days (tomorrow is included). great start.

the subjects of the 7th semester, visual communication major:
design theory
packaging design
advertising campaign
diploma methodology

what makes me happy: no typography, thanks god.
what makes me worried: the only ones that managed to catch my interest so far are animation and marketing, and this scares me.

self- and other portraits and a sketch



a self-portrait. featuring my new favourite lipstick (mac – creme in your coffee). 



my sis asked me to take a photo of her which she can use as a profile photo on facebook and instagram and what else.
she posed for a serious photo, which looked so weird, i made fun of her, she laughed on the situation, and voilá, the moment when you have to take a photo. : D
follow her, and be understanding, she is only learning how to use social media. she is an exo fan, jongin biased, and turning 10 next week. 
i so envy her hair.



my mum also asked me to take a photo of her to change her profile pic. i love her sweater. 
they both look so nice and lovely when they smile. im the only one who looks rather scary when trying to smile. : D

watercolour sketch


and a watercolour sketch. i was making myself to paint in really small, and getting into details. small is not for me, but i enjoyed it, it has several layers over each other. 


Allegretto PCY – Light / + / bts

Allegretto PCY - Light


there was a point during the drawing when it looked like this, and i liked it quite much, and almost dropped my colourful plans and almost stopped here. 

and this is a print i made for something that didnt come out the way i wanted. but i liked this print so much.
patterns have the power to make me feel good by looking at them.



and a little behind the scenes.
almost finished the drawing today, almost. 



s p a c e b e t w e e n

space between


because jellyfishes are awesome.
my golden dream is to have them at home in an aquarium. but professionals said that they are hypersensitive. and im almost sure i wouldnt be able to take care of them, even cactuses are dying around me. : (

i drew this actually for the playlist.
which i shared now. new playlist! yay. after like a year or so.
there are another three on the way.

i made myself to draw the cover for it for the sake of practice. im drawing the other covers too. for the sake of practice. : )

so the picture was made for it, i was listening to the playlist while drawing and it was inspired by the playlist as well.



s p a c e    b e t w e e n
electronic, kind of ambient, but not really. kind of like a semi-quiet electornic sound, less vocal. im note quite sure about the correct genre.

Tracks – 12:

1. The Last Saint – Mario M

2. Breath In (feat Wafia) – Japanese Wallpaper

3. Intro (feat Emalyn) – Crywolf

4. Fuse – Valentin Boomes

5. Sad Kids – Real Slow

6. One Long River – Yoshida Brothers

7. At the End of the Day – Amon Tobin

8. Clouds – Female

9. Staying – Koda

10. Love is Rare – Tom Day & Monsoonsiren

11. Remi (Essáy Remix) – Kyson

12. We Watched the Clouds Form Shapes (Kyson Remix) – Tom Day & Monsoonsiren