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kai overdose + 0415

kai overdose


the digital sketch i started on the weekend. i didnt know where it went, i just sketched up, and left it there, until today. i actually continued mainly because i really need to practice digitals. .. i had this illustration schoolwork, 20 digital illustrations, and i only finished 6, because i just dont feel it right, i feel that im lacking so really much in digitals. not that.. i can draw correctly, not thats the point. i just cant find the way i like it.

the wip was this which i shared on twitter:


- 0 4 1 5 -

today was such a great day btw. my day ended early in the school, i went to the earlier class to be able to finish before noon, so i can go around in the city searching because of my exam work, the sun was shining, which was nice, we had rainy days lately and the temperature also dropped and its quite cold now. so the sunshine was really heartwarming.
i went to a book biding master i saw last week when i was walking somewhere, so today i went in. its such a lovely amazing place, i didnt expect any of that. nothing can be seen from outside. but when you step in its full of old, really old books, with beautiful traditional cover, dust all over them. then i went into the working place and it was full of really old machines, made from wood and looking really old. it turns out the place is working for book biding for over 100 years now, right there, with the same machines, because they are working just as great, all of them is still in use. it had really such a great environment. im going to go back there later.
then i found everything i was looking for for my exam work.
i was already really happy because of all this.

but then, not long after, it turned out that i have been accepted to work at Young & Rubicam after the semester ends, for the summer! woah. im going to work at Y&R. i was screaming like for 5 mins and jumping up-side-down. its the Y&R. im really going to be there. (this whole part is a secret, dont tell anyone, im going to be trying to act cool. in case, you know..)

and when i thought this was already the best day of april.

then the mv came out, and i was screaming again and crying.
and i couldnt stop myself and i preordered the album, so its also going to be here in my hands later, right here, right in my hands.

and woah. i loved today. : D

i even have a drawing to share! : D

booklist – 1/4 (2014)

i wanted to make one separated post now that 3 months have passed from the 12, which means the first quarter of the year passed (thats scary actually)

the 50 books challenge.
im at 10/50 books at the moment.

Amie Kaufman: These Broken Stars - 4*

Yangsze Choo: The Ghost Bride - 5*

Rainbow Rowell: Eleanor and Park - 4*

Veronica Roth: Divergent – 5*

- Veronica Roth: Insurgent - 5*

- Veronica Roth: Allegiant - 4*

- Mindy Kaling: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? - 1*

- Neil Gaiman: The Ocean at the End of the Lane - 4*

- John Green: The Fault in Our Stars - 2*

- Holly Black: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - 5*

so .. as i said previously i found Ghost Bride kind of inspirational and nice to live through as a book.
Eleanor and Park was lovely with its naivity, and childish honesty. i liked the feeling it created, and that finally a 16 yrs old that behaves like a 16 yrs old.
the Divergent Trilogy was awesome. i didnt like the third book. i found it boring, and really distracting (the two view. after getting used to one.)
the Mindy book was simply super boring for me. i am really not the comedy type of person, i dont find 98% of the jokes people say or tell funny at all. so i dont really watch comedy movies, and dont read humour books. my humour sense is somewhere really far from them. .. i still gave it try, because the last time i read a humour book it was about 11 yrs ago, when i decided its really not for me. .. seems like some things dont change. if you peel off the continuous attempt to be funny .. you find nothing in the book.
the Gaiman book was … really .. nice. inspirational and really great world, it was enjoyment to imagine the entire thing. its like feeding my imagination and creativity.
The Fault in Our Stars .. isnt a kind of book i would have started to read, if not for someone (i dont remember who, sorry, someone from the internet, i think twitter maybe) who recommended it with great enthusiasm, because how great the book is … … well, its probably not for me. was interesting to read, just for the info, like .. how someone in that situation might live her days. even though i have seen it, i still see it around me, exactly that, lighter, and worse as well.. i see it, i know it, but i have no idea how does it feel from within their head. for that matter it was interesting. otherwise i didnt enjoy it. at all.
The Coldest Girl in Coldtown … is again not a book i wanted to read if not for the great recommendations. the youtube channel: answerly has started to review the book, and .. i have met the book before but i was like “nooo, this is clearly not for me”. i mean.. look at that cover. yakk. (yes, i proudly am a person who judges by cover.) .. but then the girl on the channel was also like this, and then the next week she was like “woah, omg”. so i also decided to give it a chance. and it really was a “woah, omg”-kind of experience : D its the kind of book that you cant put down.

currently reading: have not been decided yet : D … Patrick Rothfuss: The Name of the Wind .. has the highest chances at the moment, but it only gets clear when i do start to read it (probably tonight. .. or right now. .. naaah, tonight, i have too many works to do, cant get lazy now ^ ^” )

if you have recommendations, books you enjoyed really really much tell me please, leave a comment/message, im in desperate need of good books! : D
also, im curious about other opinions about these books, other books, your booklist~

Waiting (Yixing fanart)

Waiting - Yixing fanart
* BUY *

so honeys are having their comeback soon. woah, so many events concentrated for april. : D starting with my grandma’s and sister’s nameday on 3rd, then honeys’ show on 7th, then my tattoo, then family birthday, then etcetc.

so honeys are going to be in some kind of masks, phantoms, opera kind of darky mystical concept. and i cant wait it. it sounds just like something i love. but.. yea, okay, usually they are having those kind of concepts that the target group (me included) likes : )
when i heard i thought about my Prestige fanart btw. do you remember i said there in the description somewhere that i wanted to have a mask on him, with this darky-prestigious concept. plus the mask. but then i thought its not thaaaat interesting, visually even less interesting, so i made the lace thing instead of the mask. like.. like that is the mask. but its not that direct, and it doesnt really matter, its only connected in theory because i know i wanted there a mask, and ball, and dance, and etc. now im a liiiiittle little bit sorry i didnt make the mask, how cool would have been if i drew something that is going to be their concept not long after : D .. like in NL and the Peter Pan song, just how happy i was because of the coincidence : D
would have been nice. but im still happier i went with the lace and stuff : ) it is closer to the mood i wanted than the mask would have been.

i like the light-mash feeling of the teaser photo. it made it harder to draw it though : )
all of them looked supercool on the photo. i like the feel. i looove the makeup and the hairstyling. BUT. i hate the clothes, and i hate that its an edited photo. i know its harder to get all of them look perfect on one photo, thats like a miracle to catch such a shot. but really… would it have been really so hard to spend that plus hour(s) on it. seeing the edges and the cut of their forms, and edited together.. like a tumblr edit. drop shadow. really? drop shadow? reaaaally?!?! ugh, i expect something more and better from an sm photographer.

i like their new logo as well. : D its weird, but i like it.

so i just wanted to draw something quick, something light. i didnt know which of them though. .. so i asked help on twitter, and those who were online and saw could vote in that 15 mins : D suho and yixing was pretty close, but then yixing won. so i drew him. i must admit that he really does look really amazing on that photo. mm, yeap. went with the light style i prefer, but i still wanted to add from that mysterious and .. sexy, its actually a sexually heated concept : D so i chose a deep red/magenta for the eyes and the inside of the lips.

looking forward to what they will show us soon : )
(thats why the title! : D )



btw, im still drawing that zitao i shared the wip like about a month ago or even longer.. : ) … slowly progressing, it was on the last week the last time i added some details. its not that detailed actually.. just kind of .. im taking my time ^ ^’




i was drinking my morning tea in the garden on saturday. reading a little. then the second morning tea (its always two. i believe you know what im talking about). when i felt full of energy i thought i should do some work while i feel like it. went in the house, started to pack out my stuff for that, find my computer. when someone pointed out “why dont you go out to work, in the back garden the wifi still works”. so i was like, okay, why not, during winter i completely forgot that as an option, though i did that sometimes in the past.
so i made another tea, went out, adjusted myself, decided it looks so moody so i took a photo of it, edited together. i barely saw anything on the screen from the bright sunshine, but since i was about to do website html-ing it didnt really matter. posted the photo. and now i see that my computer is full of pastelmarks on the picture, which .. if i have seen.. i would have edited out : D but now.. well. thats a piece reality. my computer is having the prints of my life all over. pastels, pencils, ink, paints sprayed, nail polish. constantly changing my keyboard in the service because of spilled drinks, soup, champagne. … not so elegant.

… in the end didnt do any of the work. i turned around and was sitting under the sunlight, almost fell asleep. sigh~ : )




spring is here. the wind is warm, the sun is sparkly. i feel the life coming back into my body. im just really… really so happy that spring is here cant even express : D
i loooove winter, i really do. but this joke what was here this year instead of winter was really depressing. when its snowy, when its white, when its skiing time, when its biting so cold, when its full of hot wine and hot chocolate, and its happy, and its my birthday : D this winter wasnt like that, it only snowed once! whyyy. i have so many great memories of wintery winters, i want it back.
.. but .. until it gets back, im just happy its greyness and darkness and depression is over, and im just happy its spring.
i already got back to walking again too. i didnt rebuy my monthly ticket for the public transportations, so now im back to walking everywhere, leaving a little bit earlier so i can arrive in time, and im so happy : D i was waiting when my ticket expires and i can walk again.
on the weekend i even went out to play tennis with my brother. … i havent played tennis for .. 10 years. o___o .. woah. that one i didnt expect. whatever, im still just as awful as i used to be, but it was fun, i want to get back to play tennis on regular basis. its embarassing how bad i am at it, the last time i played was when the last time i saw my trainer ^ ^’ .. when i finished 8th grade, at the age of 14. too long, too far. was really lovely now, was laughing a lot, and i want to play again. this weekend. and on the next ones.

ice-cream bar packaging design (school project)

packaging (school project)


school project:
group packaging for 4 ice-cream bars

it was a nightmare finding a print company which was able to print this one out for me. my only requirement was to be able to print an A2 sized 200g+ print. thats obviously too much in this modern century.
in the end it wasnt even me who found one, i received some help. which was pretty useful and finally after closing time, on friday midnight i met with the printing guy in an empty gas station in a small town, where he could give me it, since i was on my way home from the capital in the night. and the printing shop was at another town again, so we just met somewhere we crossed our ways. its a photo-printing company so the paper they could use costs like 3 times more than the one which would have been already perfectly fine for me. .. its almost like a canvas. .. which is no, not for packaging purposes (>>>>try to glue it together. no, it wont work. .. well, that was my sunday night story. .. and my family’s since i got like furious over it ^^’). .. they printed it out wrong btw. not only the rations went down and my entire packaging ended up smaller. but thats okay, a sacrifice i had to take, it doesnt change much. the thing is that they probably pulled the paper before it was finished printing, and they managed to create such aaammazing 3d kind of effect on my typography. .. well, if i would want to print out photographies in the future i wont go to them thats for sure. … im just angry about the price actually.
this is something i liked in china. printing out stuff was basically for free. i printed out my NL series there, ON CANVAS (300something g), better quality than this one here, and 1/1000 of the price. and that price was probably already automatically doubled because i was a western.
so, this was my printing story of friday. my entire friday was about this and other printing stuff. (i started to deal with the problem on wednesday! took me 2 days to get someone to print out this homework for me)

just a glance into .. what it takes to create something small and unimportant thing like my homework at a design uni.



mineral water elements
graphics for one of my school project

Between Two Points (KaiSoo)

Between Two Points (KaiSoo)



*  S p e e d   P r o c e s s  *


so this is probably the most you will ever see from me on this shipping field..
im not the shipping kind. i ship everyone with myself, and i have no intention of sharing.

even though im not reacting the way i see others do. i like the friendship some of the members share.

Between Two Points (KaiSoo) - Details

- pencils, watercolours, pen, watercolour pencils
- b3
- 2 hours

Between Two Points (KaiSoo) - Details

Between Two Points (KaiSoo) - Details

Between Two Points (KaiSoo) - Details

Between Two Points (KaiSoo) - Details

*  O t h e r  *

the promotion is still going, and i have added this fanart to it too.
the promotion link: http://society6.com/gaborovna?promo=b60852

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 16.39.47

Attraction (Kyungsoo) + discount & free shipping

Attraction - Kyungsoo

* Purchase *

ever since he wore that black turtleneck with that jacket i wanted to draw it somehow. now it just came out in this simple surreal kind of way.
im cant express how happy i am to see his (or his stylists’) black period again : D black fits him so well. with red hair it looked better though, but it looks good on him in every way.

i like to slice things up. i actually do.

i didnt make a vid, but i took two shots during the process:

Attraction - Kyungsoo (WIP)

• pencil, pastels, pen
• a3
• 2 hours

finally i could share it. i drew this on tuesday, but i couldnt take a photo of it, because i finished in the night, and for the photo i need daylight. so i took it on wednesday morning, but in the evening i felt so worn out, that i didnt have the mood to share (or to do) anything. so i thought the world can wait one more day. but.. on thursday i decided out of the blue suddenly that i want to come home (to the countryside), and go to school from here on friday (2×2 hours of public transport). so i packed up in 10 mins, and left. and when i arrived… i saw that i forgot my computer charger (i dont have a battery either in my macbook). so i was like “greaaat”. i didnt finish my friday school project, and didnt have a chance to do then (the danger of leaving it to the very last minute), and i couldnt share the drawing again.
so that was a long dragging on.

i maaaaaaaybe will be drawing one more fanart tomorrow/tonight. just maaaaybe.

* O T H E R *

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 16.39.47

go through this link: http://society6.com/gaborovna?promo=b60852

you might want to check because society6 added some new items to the list:
- mugs
- samsung galaxy s4 cases!
- wall clocks (they look terrible though)


minimal icecreams


ice creams


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