Neverland: Portrait of the Birds (Kai fanart)

by bubblydiaries

Portrait of the Birds (Kai fanart)

•  P r o c e s s   F i l m  •




* * * PRINT * * *
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•  D e s c r i p t i o n  •

The last one. Finally the has come. Sorry for taking this long though.
I knew his concept for several months, and i drew 80% of the picture 3 months ago. That remaining 20% took painfully long though.

Jongin is representing the birds. Because of his light, smooth, still passionate moves. Like flying. While keeping his chin up on the portrait. I like the confidence he has while dancing. I have been planning to use this song in Neverland Series too, I just didn’t know with whom, but as I approached the end of the series I already gave up on it. And Jongin didn’t show me any concepts until I started to draw before the last, Baekhyun. That’s when his concept hit me out of the blue. .. He kept it till the end, he really wanted to be the finale : D Then I didn’t know which song, and at some point the puzzles just got together. And I’m amazed how perfect this song is for his concept, and for the end of Neverland.

The paper ruined my drawing several times. I’m just going to throw this entire notebook out, I haven’t seen a paper this bad in quality, terrible. (This is the only one I drew on other paper than the previous ones, because when I started I haven’t had that notebook with me.)

I have been saying I’m going to draw a Peter Pan fanart for this entire Neverland Series. As the last one. I still plan, but not for now, that for sure. The previous one I through out, I didn’t like it. So when its time comes I will draw it. Or not. Don’t expect it. Just be surprised when it happens. : D
Portrait of the Birds (Kai fanart) - Details

•  M y  E p i l o g u e  •

Neverland Series is really really special for me. I’m really thankful for it finding me, it helped me more than I could tell.
Before it I was a different person. I didn’t draw as much as I do now, it made me realise a lot of things about drawing, my drawing skills improved quite much, it taught me a lot of emotions and the ability to use them in order to show and make others feel them too. It gave me style that didn’t even exist before, and it affected me as a person, my design, my work and my life. It let me meet a huge number of amazing little special snowflakes all around the world, who I love seriously so much, each of you, and I would just do anything for you, you have my back for anything, always. Not to mention the huge happiness I had when half-way during my series the new album was released with the Peter Pan song, and hearing them saying “Neverland” with their own voice was like heaven.

It was almost 10 months.

And it has begun something really important for me.
Portrait of the Birds (Kai fanart) - Details

•  T o o l s  •

• pencils (5H, 2H, B, 2B, 4B, 6B), pen, ink (black), watercolour (magenta)

• A3

• took me 3 months. … haha, nah, okay, about 6-8 hours I think~


So now I can finally start my new series. Which I wanted to start at around the Zitao Neverland .. I have been keeping it inside ever since, and I’m just going to crazy with it in my head all this time. It’s going to be an other group : )
(though the exo lyrics could be called a series too…kind of)

And I should just share some of my design things.. my semester soon ends, and I didn’t share a single thing~

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