Nini is sleeping #1

Nini is sleeping #1

The first from the Nini is sleeping series.


Baekhyun is wearing glasses fanart


Process Film:


I really can’t wait spring, and I really wanted to draw something fresh and sunny and springy.
Used as reference (and inspiration) the tulips I got for my birthday.
They died already : (

I loved the idea of drawing a springy nature picture into his jacket, while the other Baek is wearing glasses reflecting a city and airport and busy people.
Choosing two images with glasses isn’t the best idea if you want to draw him looking and resembling himself. But that wasn’t my point.






I’m having some major problems with my January Art project. I finished it, and didn’t like how it turned out. Then I showed some people asking for opinion. And we just realised what is the problem with the video. And it turns out I have to rerecord half of it. And you know what I hate the most in the world.. – second most .. .. – thrid, whatever. Redoing things. I rather do something new, never redo. I will remake this one though, but not now. Sighs.

spring and elephant


So I got a bouquet of tulips. I have been constantly crying for spring in the past weeks, they bought me a little teaser. My heart jumps, I want spring, where is my spring, give me spring! 🌷

Grumpy little elephant wip.



25. Woah.

I don’t even know what to say. : D

It’s a change, to be honest. It’s like getting 18. Or 14, or 10, that’s how it feels, a little more important than 24. It didn’t happen overnight though. I have been experiencing this continuously whenever I remembered my age. Not my birthday, I almost forgot I have a birthday, I realized it last week in a shock that it’s already that time of the year, gosh, already, how.

I feel like a 14 years old if I want to be really honest. I feel like I should sit at the children table during family meeting. In work I feel I get treated like a high school student, but that’s fine, I feel like that too. Though my skin looks worse than it did when I was in high school. People treat my work as a hobby. I’m still confused when I have to use formal grammar, so I end up using it all the time, which often ends up uncomfortable either way.
In the same time I noticed lately I get a wave of light anger when the GPS talks to me informally, more than that, tells me what to do, sounds like a scolding. When last year the police were talking to me while I was walking to school, with a sport bag hanging on my side, wearing jeans, sneakers and jacket, looking totally like a student, they were referring to my destination as workplace. In the shop no one even stops to think if they want to see my ID when I buy alcohol. Couple of years ago we were all like “jeez, he is 5 years older, too much”. Now it’s more like “ah, he isn’t even 45 yet, what a hottie”. When buying foundation it getting into my wrinkles is a serious point to consider, and in the past months I had to color my hair to hide my grey hair, it looks uncared otherwise.
Being 24 was a serious crisis mostly around the question to start to act like an adult or not yet, to get treated like an adult or not yet.
The scary thing about 25 is that it’s no longer supposed to be a question. I have no more excuse left.

When I thought about it as a high school student I thought a 25 years old girl is a woman already, should act like one, should be treated like one, taken serious, should have a work, a career, monthly rent, decorated home, perfect skin, travel for holidays, middle-aged men fighting for dates and giving expensive bracelets as present, prepare food at home for herself on weekdays, have a cat, a weekly appointment at the manicure salon, wear dress, high heels, and matching underwear.

It feels as close as Venus to Pluto.
That’s how it feels to celebrate the 25th birthday.
It feels like I unlocked the next level without getting agreed to anything.

Well, I still get to eat the cake. : D

Oh, and look, my bangs are growing!~



The pink Nini, I mentioned last time, painted for sis.
And the name I chose for them is Nini. They are Ninis. Isn’t it cute?
My February project will be them. So you will see a lot more of them in the upcoming month.


Talking about monthly project, my January project is on its way. It still needs a little this and that, but it will be here tomorrow or at least during next week somewhere. It is exporting itself on the other computer.