we do not forget


i wanted to share this here too, the anon~

at first i didnt really agree with them.. but then this whole 60 yrs for megaupload, and the whole thing i found extremely unfair towards them. made me really angry. not the site, i barely used it, but the fact that they are basically innocent. the most they could get is money bill, or at the very most maybe couple of months. but 60 yrs?! how many a murder gets? 4-20? depends on their fairytale story, right? and a sharing site costs 60 yrs? you idiots, you want to make some noise right, you want people to be afraid? … you can go you know where.
im officially angry.
so im writing, and i might draw sth on this topic, being creative, doing what i can, spreading the word.

A New Era Has Come, Anonymous is no longer playing nice, and we do not intend to ever play nice.

We have seen you Corrupt our People, Corrupt our country and we will not sit and watch while you allow bills such as SOPA and PIPA to be passed.

On January 19, 2012 a popular sharing website named Megaupload was taken down. We were not hesitant and reacted quickly. Remaining to our word, we took down their main sources (??), MIAA and FBI are down.

Our Power is too strong and soon they will have to listen to the people. This is a time of action. We as a nation must come together and fight the tyrants!

Do not sit and watch Do not sit and cheer! Use your powers.

Artists be creative, Singers be lyrical, writers spread our word! We will not be silenced!

We are Anonymous! We are legion! We do not Forgive! We do not forget! Expect Us!


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