2012.02.02 – 22y.

happy birthday for me, yay πŸ™‚

this was the special day i was waiting for long: 20120202, 22, 2-2, 2. … and my lucky number is 2. wonder why? πŸ˜›


i was planning to do sth really crazy and special.. i was planning it for long. … and in the end i got lazy. you know the feeling when you want to do sth big, and then you already feel you fail, you cant, and then you get the bad mood, and in the end you do nothing. not special, or less special, or least special. … nothing.

but i had a lovely birthday, with my family, and a closer circle.. skipped school, was sleeping long, drank some cocktails, wines, champagne (at 22:22), cake, sweets.

and in the night (on that terribly freezing night) there was sth i have never seen in my life before.

halo.. or how does it called. around the moon. i didnt even know what is that. was so nice.


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