weekend, im working on homeworks, the same as i do whole week. and guess what? im sick again. (this time tonsillitis. ..?  im not sure whether its the correct english word for this? )

our first homework in one of the scariest subject (at least i was scared of it, but it turns out not that bad.. maybe just the beginning), is (in brief) to paint 12 colour sketches from renaissance and impressionism.

This one is Corinth Lovis – Portrait of Elly ….. wannabe.

Ive already finished a raffaello portrait, a hugo van der goes, and a mcneill whistler (who i absolutely adore, his landscapes are mesmerizing). and yep, thats my messy table, and yes, thats my night dress. on weekdays i dont have time to tidy up, on the weekends when i want to rest i refuse to do so ..


after working this much on these, and other homeworks, while being sick, and having such a week behind myself…. this drink is the minimum i deserve.


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