school assignment: a serial titled: “Circles”; but in the way that no circles are on that. (means circles that make a circle just because of the way you look at it, they were never circles and will disappear after a moment, or when you move your view point)

first homework for photography class. a little warm-up.

and this is where im trying to take a photo of my breath 😀 didnt succeed. .. okay, i actually spent like 3 mins trying, and left. it was too cold outside, didnt worth. i wanted to put this into the assignment also. you know .. the texture of the breath is quite circle-like when you breath in a rhythm. .. and steam-like things have little water bubbles inside, unlike smoke. …. next time.

my brother with my headphones : ) he wanted to have a photo with my headphones too. this is the moment when he was scolding me, because the “brotherhood bible” fell onto the floor, saying “did you really .. reaaaally threw the brotherhood bible? are you bored with your life?” .. and he was smiling while saying these kind of things, because i started to take photos of him. nothing makes better photos than spontaneous emotions~~ … or sth like that.


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