colour sketches – school assignment

finished the 12 colour sketches assignment, it took much longer than it might seem. .. and most of them i didnt get right. the point was on the colours, but we must have used watercolours. … it is actually already an impossible task, these paintings were made with oil on canvas longlong time ago. how the hell could i reproduce those colours with watercolours?!

whatever, it was a good practice. my classmates were angry and annoyed quite much by this assignment, i didnt hate it that much. it takes long, but its kinda relaxing. since im just copying it doesnt take thinking, you just work, and your head turns off, it feels light. the black and white ones in the right row were the last ones, i guess the improvement is already obvious even if you see just these 12 days, just 3 weeks of work, and already seen. (the first was the yellowish landscape originally made by mcneill whistler, he is such and amazing painter)

you can also see the paintings originally made by: raffaello, renoir, hugo van der goes, corinth lovis, menzel, monet, and whistler. .. masters of renaissance, and impressionism.

okay, so im not a painter… it was in november that i started to use watercolours for the first time (i was (?) used to be more of that coal type you know). im actually satisfied with my improvements, but i still have long to go, especially with skin and faces.

and this is how i work. no, im not proud of it. i was planning some cleaning for the weekend, but im not sure, i have again 21 paintings to do for school, so… it would look the same in 5 mins.

21, did you get that? 21! .. again 3 weeks.. but i have other subjects too with their own assignments.. and then people look at me with weird eyes when i say i dont have time to even go to school, they somehow think that art schools are easy, light and lazy, you do nothing, and what you do you do it in 3 mins, couple of lines, couple of water splashes and thats all, you go out to live your life. .. couldnt be further from truth. at least since i have started the semester i didnt have time to “go out to live  my life”. or at least do some personal works for the portfolio.


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