unjust illustration assignment

the sketches for expressions:

nah, im not happy with it. this version is for my teacher. i dont like her. she is an illustrator of books for child (i dont like her illustrations, but thats personal taste..), an art teacher for children, and teacher in an another art uni. … but her world is soooo narrowed down to cute, simple and colourful things. so much that refusing to accept anything else, without real reason.

in the last class i was arguing with her so much, that i packed up my stuff and left, im not interested in her any longer, and dont give a …. to her opinion, i dont like narrow-minded people, they are the only ones who can make me angry if i let my guard down and let them to.

so yeap, this version is mirroring her taste. .. partly. im sure she will pick on sth there also, which naturally wouldnt have any connection with the facial expressions and illustrating them, more like sth she doesnt like. im so glad that this kind of teacher we have usually just one per semester. … idiots. .. and she was like “how will you deal with your costumers with an attitude like that?”, i sooo wanted to say (i didnt cause i was packing up already, i didnt waste my energy to say anything more to her inner world): “honey, i was paying for your service. when it will go the other way around, i will try to find ways how to lick your ass. at the moments its the opposite way”.

bvah, sooo primitive woman.


i will make my own version for this assignment, if that will look better (which isnt a hard task), im taking that one to the finals. but not planning beforehand, lets just make it first. i actually have time for it, this week wouldnt be that crazy as the last one was. i have time for my own. to do things just for my own enjoyment.


2 thoughts on “unjust illustration assignment

  1. hyeonsung

    I know what tou mean by crappy teachers… urrr……I have my teacher’s sarcasm…If I say I’m making a shoe.. he goes, “A..SHoe~!?” ,repeating everything I say til I say “fine, I’ll make something else..” ㅠ.ㅠhe’s crushing me… haha
    I love your work anyway! You are extremely telented! cheers for all the art students who have to endure unreasonable art teachers..


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