2.27. – monday morning

monday morning.

actually i feel a bit unsatisfied with this blog, because i was planning to make it like a diary of photos, and lately all im uploading is school works. i have another blog for that reason (which i think im either going to seriously renew, or make a whole new one here .. when i feel i get good enough to do that. i didnt have mood to write there in the last 2 months.)

but its kind of uncomfortable to move around with my d90, just to take such snapshots, completely unnecessary to use a camera like that for these. … and i dont have a soap camera, nor a phone with a normal camera, even my itouch is from the previous generation where it didnt have cam yet.

where is my mum? Β see that blonde spot?

she was actually planning to drive like that…

so im kinda troubled how to make those famous diary photos……. i guess it will be like that up until iphone5 is released and i received. … i dont have that much to show about my student life anyway. its only my works. i actually really barely have anything in my life other than graphic design, illustrations, sketchbook, travelling 6 hrs per day to school and back from school…

at the moment.

i actually know sth you dont yet… : P im sure this blog has a good future, just gotta wait a little longer.

what cant wait is my hair. seriously screams for my dear hairdresser.

i already called him last week, made an appointment for the next week. really, really looking forward to it.

i like to visit him, and to make my hair, it always brights my mood up.

the other thing i need to change on this blog: i gotta write less. photo-diary, hello, photos.


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