today sth unusual happened. i started a drawing for my own enjoyment, and it was not a fanart. it happens…. never. yes, actually never. when the feeling “i want to draw something nice” hits me i draw fanart, portraits of my favourite kpop idols. which isnt quite good, since at the moment im standing here without anything to put into my portfolio. a huge amount of great picture disappeared like this, they come to my mind, not that often, and leave, because of having no interest in them. im going to change this. … and this drawing, i think, will be my first anything im going to upload to behance. my intro. what else i did today? well, obviously i wasnt in school. instead i finished my picto homework (“a short scene from your life” – my one: ‘morning)

and i was really happy to stand in the window and watch the snow falling, again. i was so sure that the last time was the last this winter. im glad i was wrong. but probably this really was the last one already.


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