sketchbook doodle

a doodle i made yesterday. in the class and on the train. part of my style practices.  .. was like a little breath before the storm hits. the storm of my ohgosh-imsodead amount of assignments im late with.

another heartache that happened to me yesterday night:

hello there quality.

its quite a huge problem to me, who is listening music like 12 hrs per day.

.. im so angry at beats. dont buy, not good.

  • the sound isnt that good as expected,
  • the plastic thing that goes right into the ears is bad quality (it hurts at first, then a weird thing comes: allergy. to the material. i thought its just me, but when my bros borrowed it, they also came to me saying like “wth”), i tried to use them 2 days, then i changed them to my old ones.
  • the silver thing you see at the bottom, connecting to the red string unconnected like after 5 days, and was falling down
  • the biggest problem you see on the pic, happened to it 3 months ago. i have been using it for 9 months then. it isnt torn, it just simply started to crumble!! crumble in front of my eyes. it wasnt cheap, and i dont have money to buy a new, better one, so i used a tape to stop it from actually tearing and dying. … i was walking with black tapes on it for 3 months.

and yesterday it completely gave up. … it can be count as an official complaint, im dissatisfied and wont buy beats ever again. at least until they start to make a quality of the same level with its price.

so now im using my brother’s unused beats headphones.

i dont like headphones, it hurts after some time. im listening to music like really nonstop, non-stop. after 3-4 hrs of wearing it hurts.

but i dont have other choice for now.

i was so down yesterday, had such a bad mood. : (


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