sketchbook – gd

GD fanart

so now in a much better quality, scanned, right from my sketchbook.

its gd. and i liked to make this sketch, didnt take longer than 20 mins.

i want to make a new category here for my … things. yes, thats the problem, i cant name it. i have sketches, illustrations, package designs, graphic designs.. how to name it, art or design, or what. i dont like to use any of them, since i dont feel like im doing art or design.

and after all, i made this blog as a photo-diary. thats why i didnt make categories yet.. but im the kind of girl who likes to organize things (my computer is full of folder and subfolders and subsubfolders as well), and it keeps disturbing me.

i could just link back to any portfolio sites, but im uploading here everything (that means im uploading in a really selected style there), remember: “perfectly unperfect”.

i might just name it “my-stuff”, like that, creative enough~


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