sketches assignment

portrait and full body sketches assignment (coloured and monochrome)

in this assignment i displayed how to make your assignment to be enjoyable to the fullest stage. the girl was the first one, then the kids… and then i started to loose my spirit. thats when i had the thought: “who doesnt let me draw my fav idols?” i actually draw fanart in my freetime, i could do that here, and since these are supposed to be sketches, i dont even have to spend that much time with them”

so in the end i really enjoyed this assignment, instead of 12 sketches i handed in 15.

this one is my fav sketch (tao from exo-m, he also has good chances to be a love of mine : D )

one of my big love, our b2stie seungie:

these are gd, from his solo single time, the butterfly mv:

tao again:


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