06.09 schoolworks


actually i dont really know what i had in my mind when i took this photo~ i have found my glasses, and i thought it would be fun. : D

okay, so here are the school works, which werent that good to share them before.

they are still not that good : D

most of them are from expressive drawing class.. there is one typography from last year, couple of illustration watercolour pictures. the weird patterns are frottages. none of them took longer than 2 hrs. and there are some sketches.

most of them made with coal, and in b2/a2 size.

so these are the hand-drawn things. the good ones i have shared before~

im planning to share the designs as well. later. probably not today.

so i have finished my school year (a month ago or so ^^” ), with the best grade in expressive drawing class. second best in photography. third one is typography (for my big surprise).

overall i was best in class on expressive drawing, photography, illustration, package design, and rough. im pretty proud about that~

and improved the most in typography i think.

so im going to share the typo and graphic designs sometime later.


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