chanyeol fanart

happy virus~ : D

he is so adorable. he isnt the one that makes my heart beat faster (well, his voice does ^^” ), but he is definitely the first one i wanna have as a friend.

so it took much longer than it seems. .. and at some point he started to look like LuLu (he still does), which made me quite disappointed. > <
chanyeol fanart

so im going to have more and more drawings, fanarts most likely in the upcoming weeks.

i need practice. this school-year… you know… western graphic design major has different values when it comes to drawing. and its not the patience, and details i can tell you. teachers were also trying to kill out everything from us that was closer to realism. which i didnt think is bad, until last year in taiwan i realised that if i wanna worth sth, then i should pay more attention. i dont think photorealism is the right way, but i dont think that the way we are supposed to do things is the right way either. somewhere between, i didnt find it yet. since i lost my way, first i gotta find back to the patience, then i can start to look for the golden middle way.

while im looking for that im enjoying myself to the fullest with my kpop idols : P


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