06.30 – wip – a thing about designing


a thing about graphic designers:

•  you design a package for days as the customer wishes, with all its weird ideas. (added together appr. about 3 full days)

• you make a 3d paper sketch of it (1-3 hr)

• you put it into the computer, really accurately to 0.00001 mm. (1 full day)

• you make it in 3d again, but more accurately this time, in half size, you realise some mistakes and change the computer drawing (1 full day)

• the more the customer sees it the more ideas he gets, and makes you change it (each idea adds min 3-4 hrs)

• you can’t get the exact paper or carton you need to make the final modelling, so you move onto the graphics already (3-4 hrs)

• the customer makes you change it several times (each time 3-4 hrs)

>>>> up till now it already took you SEVEN FULL DAYS (counting just the time you took with this) if you are lucky. i can tell you, you are getting sick of it.


• you finally get the carton you need, you wake up, have breakfast and already start on it. you have everything done already, you have to just technically draw it up on the carton, cut it, and stick it together.

8 hrs later you are done with the drawing and cutting. another 2 hrs of glueing. its about 33-36 celsius in the room, you are sweating, start to make mistakes, cutting things you are not supposed to. the glue sticking everything EXCEPT the carton. you feel your brain boiling, you start to throw things, your eyes hurt, you have back pain. you are close to nervous breakdown.

around midnight you are finally done with it, it looks sucks, and dirty, but doesnt matter, its just a modell, the machines later will make it nicer, so thats not the point.

you sit down with it, take a look at it.

and you realise:


on the 8th day you realise the time you spent on it, those 7 days are nearly a waste. it looks bad, and mostly its not your fault, but the ridiculous ideas of the customer, who made you make those useless things to the box. which isnt an excuse, as a designer you are supposed to make look good even the most idiot ideas.

thats the moment you hide the box you just did somewhere before you start jumping on it, you still have to document it, and show the customer how it looks like.

you leave the scene.

and drink a long island.


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