48. yesterday. 48!

okay, it was under the sun, but if its 48 under the sunlight, that doesnt make 20 in the shades. gosh, its really hot. hello, july.

lately im quite busy. i saw my boxes being produced on the lines, i love that feeling, when you see your work coming out from the factory in mass production. ^^ thats the best thing about designing. yaa, they were the first models, the printing mistakes came out, its not my mistake. and its not the big box i took the photo making last time, its sth like that too, just in smaller version, they went to italy for an exhibition. for the company.

… and my flyers and my sport clothes. to the same exhibition. they all had printing problems though. grey is the most beautiful colour, and the most difficult to come out nice after printing. -.- … i cant change it, it was a week ago, they just showed me what went out.

whatever. i didnt take photos of them. cause they still have a lot of things to produce, which i designed. im going to take photo of them, when everything is done, or at least most of them.

sth i learned these days. i got more into business. my whole family is a big business family, im the only one who went to another field. but i dont really have choice lately, had to get myself into it, and it will get worse soon, have to put my designing on hold a bit, and get into business more.

and the thing i learned: never, never let myself get into it emotionally. its sth everyone says but still have to experience yourself to get the real thing out of it.

its difficult, especially when i care about sth. and its not true either, cause to be a good businessman actually requires emotions and care, you just have to know where, when and how much. designing is sth that requires you emotionally, really much emotions, not really yours, you have to feel the emotions of your target group, or else the design will turn out bad. cant really click myself to change to another way. though i should. lately i feel my nervous system getting into a really bad condition. sigh~

ah, stop, i dont even want to think about it. i share sth from … before yesterday ( ?.. i cant even remember, so many things happening).. an icon-pack i had time to make from the new mv of one of my top4 groups.

and sth from … last week? … or couple of days. not sure.

….. i watch a drama episode to get things out of my head, and im going to go to the water as well, i cant take this hot weather.


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