22, sunshine, cocktails

2012 summer - 22, sunshine, cocktails

sunshine, beach, freedom would have sounded better.. but im working and studying basically whole summer this year, so… sigh. but im having my sweet 22, the sun is shining, and time for cocktails 😀 thats one of the thing im learning, so thats not quite bad, dont really need to pity me.. 😛

cocktails something i have been obsessed with since i was like 16. there is not much new thing i can learn about them.. but still i have to refresh what i know, and get through everything so i can write down everything that might be obvious for me, but might not be for others.

2012 summer - 22, sunshine, cocktails

that bag was made by my aunty.

she is blind, and after she lost her son in a terrible accident (my cousin).. she was in a really deep depression. but after some time she started to find herself some work she can be busy with, and she made a foundation for the blind people in our country to help them, because even though she is one of them, but she has will and strength to get through what she wants.

and as a hobby she started to weave (?) bags and sell them. she gave this to me on christmas. i really like it, perfect for summer. she made it to the size of my computer : D thoughtful.


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