bonjour - ready

the last night before leaving to somewhere i rarely can sleep. not because im nervous, im not, i dont really know why. i did try tonight as well, but.. couldnt fall asleep, and when i got sleepy around 4 it was already useless, cause  i wouldnt be able to sleep long anyway.

ah, its okay, its not like i wont have around 48 hrs of pure boredom soon. sleep as much you want.

… so i drew sth. ^^”

to represent my situation now in a kinda quick sketch. except that maybe this time is one of those rare times when my suitcase actually doesnt look like that.

and the sun is up.

and now im going down to surprise my dad. im the last one he would be expecting in such an hour. mm.. i wanna have a coffee with him, before leaving. not tea. for a change.


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