The Journey 03

. part three .

The Journey

date: 2012

place: Eastern Europe

distance: 2000 km

time: 30 hrs

road condition: bad

me: tired

The Journey

The Journey

The Journey

At midnight we arrived to Belorussia. We spent the night there.

Something about Belorussia that you might have not known because no one really says it: IT IS COMPELTELY EMPTY!

I spent like 12 hrs in that country, going across it, from the beginning to the end, sleeping there, and i tell you i havent seen a single belorussian, not a single soul, not even a city, or a village, or anything all over. in the night sometimes i saw some lights far away in the faaaar distance, but.. i might have just hallucinated those, im not sure already. that country is empty, no one lives there!

during the WWII Belorussians were famous for being great partisans. now i really know how they did it, they were all probably still hiding in the forest.

i am really amazed. never, never ever seen a country like that. 12 hrs, and not a single soul, thats wow!

something else, which added to this whole situation: none of the gps-s had any information about that country we had with us. we crossed the border right at midnight, standing there in the dark, with not much direction, with completely blank gps devices. okay…

(i wanted to take a photo of it, thats when the first picture here at the top was born… was trying a bit more, but wasnt successful)

the moment we hit the highway, the only road existing on the gps, it said : “987 km-s till your destination. After 950 km turn right.” (im not sure about the correct numbers, but you can get the sense out of it)


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