digital practice – Kev

Kev - OC

full size here

little break from photos~

Kev - OC

its so hot these days here… 40 in the shadow! im not just literally melting. we dont have ac here inside the house.. well, we have a reason for that, im not going to explain that now, but on these kind of days it really gets unbearable.

im unable to do anything, a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. including such basic things, like sleeping and thinking.

so i decided to practice a bit. kind of difficult to do… even my fingers are sweating, and my brain is boiling. so even these kind of drawing took me quite long time, and im not even half satisfied.

but thats what practice is about.. i wouldnt practice if i was good at it, right?

my first oc btw … and my first own this manga kind-of-drawing, it was really difficult to keep myself simple and in-style. … but i kind of like it. still long way to go. especially on the field of digital drawing. im dying for the cintiq 24hd touch!

(i think im going to use the second one as fb profile pic… not sure about that yet~~ he(she) was actually supposed to be a guy, thats why the arms…….)


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