summer breeze

summer breezefull size:

in the end of my internship.. (two months ago?) .. my boss asked me to take some photos of his kids, just snapshots (“snapshots from an expert”). they were playing in the pool, while i was outside taking photos (400 photos)

i still didnt get to finish the edit works (abt 150 chosen photos) until today!

they actually look quite good. i did basic retouch … cause sunset was at the background, and i couldnt move to the other side… well, even if i could i wouldnt, cause sun in the back is a nice thing.. just darkens everything. .. thats why we have photoshop, right?

and some of my favs i edited in this kind of way like this photo, to a separated folder. (i call it over-edit, since its not basic edit) not everyone likes these kind of photos actually, you would surprise… : D everyday people prefer everyday photos of their everyday life, thats the thing.

her name is Zoe. (if i remember well… me and names……… yea.)


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