another gd fanart (and im not a fan … ! )

GD fanart

full size

so, another thing from my sketchbook, and another gd fanart. im most honestly telling you im not his fan, i really dont have any idea why im drawing so often him. (his is going to come out with a single tomorrow~~tralala~~)

this pose was for his BSX fashion ad. without the lace..

a real mixed art : D

you can find there pencil, pen, ink, watercolour, acrylic, poser colour, pastel… and as a post process i put there a texture (the wallpaper at the background).

i enjoyed to make it, lately im doing such stuff as a practice, and.. because it feels good. especially the details of the lace, i could turn off my head and just do it without thinking. ( -> not the last lace. i actually wanted to make a lace-on-the-eyes drawing for like 4 yrs now : D im happy now )

… did it in the deepest middle of the night. i woke up early, was drinking in the eve, was really really tired and when i got close to my bed to finally have a sleep ……….. i wasnt sleepy. even at the dawn, after finishing this, i pushed myself to the bed, and was listening to music there for 2 hrs, suffering in big time.

i could write actually much more about the sketching background : D next time ~


( nah, this is not really how it looks like, i changed this photo more than the scan, because the environment and light. )


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