sun-moon lake weekend 2011

me and my camera working together… i really have just a few of them, just when the one im with is thinking its fun to take photos of me taking photos (…?)

this time it was Jeff. he took me to a weekend last year summer to the Sun-Moon Lake and around there. its in taiwan (note: i was studying there, it was before the bubblydiaries). the place was actually really nice, however as much i remember my mood wasnt the best…. ^^”

so the reason why im sharing his photos in my edition form…. because as i said couple of months ago.. all my photos are lost, and.. what a surprise i have never got to finish organising my sun-moon lake photos. its a pity, they were nice. i hope to see them again someday, now i dont have the money to repair the hdd.


me, my creepy weird smile and my coffee ~~


probably i was taking this photo:

one of those 4 photos i somehow edited from that whole weekend ….

… no, im not even going to get nervous (deadly insane) about that.


maybe this photo?

( the reason why i got to check these photos from the last year are actually because of my posing while taking photos, i was just referring with them to someone. so thats why here are mostly those. i just realised it now, and i dont feel enough energy to make that text again for the photos, so im not going to show others)


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