Taiwan, Tainan ’11


while in taiwan i went to tainan for couple of days, also a 4 days-weekend trip.

i have bad and good memories about it both. its a nice old city, temples popping out from every corner. the city overall is a nice topic for photos, the beach is also interesting. at the night market had one of my worst foods ever, even though i had just a bite (almost spitting out) my stomach was also so hurting after that (no surprise).

we went there with Yousuke, he wasnt from that city either, so in the night it was a bit boring, we didnt really know any good places (except the night market, and some other bar, which was an interesting one as design, but socially a bit boring).

i do have serious strong plans about going there back someday, i have a temple i need to revisit, i promised and im going to keep it. well, im happy to keep it of course.

im actually kind of missing taiwan a bit~~

a bit.

(i found a way how to get part of my taiwan photos back, e.g. the tainan ones… not in printing quality though, far from that, most of them is quite small for simple web display as well, but still….)


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