30 09

yesterday we visited our cousins in slovakia. the last time i went there was my first post on bubblydiaries : D

one of my uncle there had his birthday not long ago, he became 72, and this little beauty was his birthday present.

her name is Maya. she is a … little schnauzer, i dont know the exact name in english~

my original aim on this blog was to post this kind of photos… everyday snapshots. without the feeling that i want to take “nice photos”, photos that can be labeled: “photography”. but lately even if i take photos like this, i wont post them here, because i dont feel them good enough to be posted. thats exactly what im against.

its not a photography blog. im sensitive about that part. photodiary.

so im pushing myself to post this kind of (even phone-taken or camera) snapshots. about what im doing. and on the same way of thinking i push myself to post a post a day, about my day (regarding the success of this last aim im not quite sure..).

be aware.


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