BEAUTY: are they good for you? (cosmetics)

so i went to a course couple of weeks ago… about cremes and cosmetics. to learn about them, the essentials, and to be able to make my own ones. what do they have to have inside, what they dont. (what the brands try to put instead of the expensive natural oils and so on to be cheaper.)

i was already using the cremes i made in these weeks.. at least whenever i could. and i was having that “wow” effect. i mean im not a “bio” girl, i love to eat meat, white bread, i have not much against instant food, and sometimes (okay, rarely) i do enjoy to drink coke. but my skin is having a war in the last 3.5 years, it had a real big shock, and after it was gone (half a year ago) its like hyper sensitive. im not able to use any of those cosmetics in the shops.

so thats why i went to the course.

.. and guess what. after using the 100% natural oil cremes, agran oil, and shea butter based serums, and the other things for cleaning my face, and so on. .. just in two weeks. my skin is like a dream. and what else? .. no sensitivity. not at all. no negative reactions.

so natural (diy) cremes won me. im on their side.

so after some time.. today. i had the time and strength to get together my cosmetics from my bathroom (and from my mum’s ^^” ), the ones i have been using all this time (well, some of them i still do, especially the ones for my hair.. but im trying to find another way, im already looking for it)

i have checked the ingredients, based on what i have learnt. and made 5 groups. 5 is the worst, 1 is the best.

there were quite some surprises.

1 – best

im starting with the best group.

one of the surprises got me here. the garnier. : D what the hell…?

i tell you honestly, i was expecting here the expensive brands. and guess what? they arent here, they are really not here.

so what is here? … garnier! garnier!! wow. its cheap and common, and i tell you really honestly, i didnt believe in my eyes, it has nearly nothing wrong inside, moreover, it has actually quite nice stuff inside. unfortunately this hair balm (and the dry shampoo, but thats…) is the only garnier i have, im curiuos about the other products.

the other brands here are also really nice.

e.g. this gel from thailand. under the ingredients you can see something that everyone would be happy to see under the igredients: 99.5% aloe extract. and thats it. nothing more, no long lists. just aloe.

the origins the other one. make-up remover. they even made a “formulated WITHOUT” part under the ingredients. there basically you can see the important points that most of the other cremes DO HAVE INSIDE.

2 – good

the ones here have something sliiiightly bad inside. it wont kill you, cause cancer, or anything bad. might be a bit allergic, but thats not much (compared to the other stuff you can find in the cosmetics).

here we have the body shop day cream also. the aloe one, for the sensitive skin type. by the ingredients i havent found anything seriously bad inside, i bought it for myself couple of months ago, but my skin couldnt take it either.

the gliss kur serum for the hair-ends is also nice. wasnt cheap as much i remember, but it doesnt have those ingredients that usually hair serums are famous for, and the ones that are really bad.

and im happy to see the DKNY parfumes here, my favourite parfume brand, i just love them. i have another favourite parfum brand, and i was shocked to see that one at the 5th group. … so parfumes arent quite good, especially because of their “parfume”-part, which isnt good for anyone. but it could have been worse, and at some other famous brands it did get worse.

3 – okay

these are just okay. probably will not kill you. can have good things inside, and bad ones also. but i still would dare to use them if i dont have a better choice

like the l’oreal thermo spray .. show me something better and i will be happy to use it, but.. there is no B-option.

or the lancome deodorant. i understand that deodorants can be really really bad, but lancome is still minimises down the damages, it is as good as a deodorant is able to be.

4 – bad

some surprises here: gucci, clarins. … i dont even know what to say.

5 – worst (run!)

nivea. never. its one of the most popular, and omg, just look at the ingredients.

i have really really dry skin, especially hands. i have been using nivea, and i liked it. .. beside the huge amount of bad ingredients in it (they really try to produce it in the cheapest possible way), in long term it makes my skin like 10 times drier and older.

but i cant say i was surprised. i wasnt surprised by the schauma, fa, taft, dove either.

however i WAS surprised by: neutrogena, gucci, pola

and chanel parfumes! my chanel-chance… my favourite… im crying now. the worst thing it has inside, (why it ended up at the 5th group) because of the thing making its colour yellow(ish). only because of its colour. really?! i would be deadly happy even if it was colourless, i adore its beautiful fragrance. sigh~

(ps. i have to make a beauty category .. i want to share the cremes and so on. .. the hotel im working for as creative assistant has already ordered cremes from me, for their own inside use, 100% natural ones. .. was thinking about opening a new blog for beauty stuff, but .. to the hell with that~~~)


5 thoughts on “BEAUTY: are they good for you? (cosmetics)

  1. katylove1990

    WOW…This makes me want to throw out everything in my bathroom…do you know of any lotions that are actually good for you? This is obscene! Shame on Proctor & Gamble -__-

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      unfortunately i could check just the ones i have. so the groups 1-3 are (kindof) usable, especially the 1-2 one.
      but i will make a post with the most important “should not have inside” ingredients later. so you can check your own cosmetics at home, or make a right choice at the shop. it will be a big help. : )

  2. ashley

    This is such a great post. I’ve always been willing to spend money on beauty products, including makeup, but a few years ago really started to look at what was in my favorite products. You never realize how many products have parabens, etc., and once you start using natural products your skin will improve exponentially. I know that now that I use Lush and virgin coconut oil, along with some Peter Roth, my skin looks so much better and stays hydrated for far longer.

    And yes, I agree with you about Chanel- it’s a shame and surprising.

  3. beautywhizz

    Yes, some brands can be a surprise, but most of the big, commercial cosmetic companies use lots of all nasties in their products. I checked many brands and many of them are just under the level. Well done to you for this review!


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