october day — 19

october day, 19

so i was really kind of happy by the unexpectedly great response on my last fanart of zelo : D

i know its mostly because of the great eagerness everyone is having because of their comeback album, mv, and so on. .. i was still really happy to receive those nice comments and so on. .. it was also my most shared upload on tumblr ever ^^” i mean “my own” thing that i uploaded, you know.

october day, 19

so beside woooorking whooole daaay (which i dont see doing, but i always say so, and feel so.. so im stressed over not working now … …. ah? ) … today i spent more time in the garden (in my pajamas, yay)

these days we are having some late-summer-great-october days.. full of sunlight and warmness.

october day, 19

october day, 19

october day, 19

october day, 19

and our ladybugs just came back. the whole population is staying at our garden i think, they are like everywhere.. go out, and you will have 3 more on you, if you are wearing white or sth light.. .. no, just dont wear them.


see? see? they are everywhere, everything that flies in our garden is ladybug. woa~


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