11.02 self-portrait again

yesterday i shared a photo which i said i didnt really liked, but i still tried to convince myself, cause.. looking at it just with brain it looked good, but it was still missing something, it was plain, i couldnt make myself to like it.

this was it:

and today when i woke up and looked it again, i still didnt like it, it just didnt feel good, or right.

but then… after lunch, after the after-lunch nap, after working a bit.. suddenly just hit my head.

i took this photo again, back to photoshop.

vibration, saturation, a bit of masking, a bit of contrast, and dropped a black wide-background behind it. and voila!
11.02. self-portrait

suddenly it looks awesome. i love it!

it was exactly the thing it was missing. already changed my fb profile pic to it.

wanted to share just to show how such a little basic thing can change everything.


see? its really not much, but still makes big difference.


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