JANUS – Prince Twins – fanart

Janus fanart (Jo twins)

full size


• pencils (2H, H, HB, B, 4B, 6B)

• pen (0.4 mm, waterproof, white)

• ink (black, red)

• watercolours ( blue, red, black watercolour pencil)

paper size: B4

time: took about 5 hrs (doesnt look like that, right?)

CHECK the speed drawing video!

and my post about my video

(check it, cause its my first video, and i spent a whole day fighting with the 21st century, technology, and programs)

Janus fanart (Jo twins)


i really like their outfits in the MV. i really wanted to have their bottom part (the bottom tail+boots combo) to fit into the drawing, its really cool, but unfortunately i couldnt “push” it anywhere. : D

So i really liked this “princes” concept. i have a thing for princes and for their uniforms.

Youngmin’s crown is from the album group jacket photo (“blue”), i really liked that there. His necklace is from the other group album photo (“red).

I also loved Kwangmin covering half of his face on the “red” group album photo, in the beginning i wanted to put it in as Youngmin’s move, but left out in the end.

Ah, and the poppies. I wanted to draw a poppy+portrait since the b1a4 mv (tried to walk). I made 3 different attempts, all of them ended up in the trash looking sad now. And when i had this desire to draw the twins in their dresses.. then the poppies popped up in my mind, and i checked what poppies mean as flowers and here they are explained as: its not strongly connected with love, but when you give it in that context it means sth like “you conquered my heart” in the satisfied and free, happy way; it also symbolises sensitive personality.

princes, who are twins, sensitive, happy, love, red, poppies ..

And lets just say i didnt want them to look exactly like they are supposed to look …. or alike .. or anything like that. > <

Janus fanart (Jo twins)

Janus fanart (Jo twins)

Janus fanart (Jo twins)


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