WIP video – Prince Twins (JANUS fanart)

the post about the fanart


so here is the video (turn off the sound if you dont like kpop.. these are the group’s songs), its not that good, but since i had previous speed vid tries and i couldnt make them.. now i was determined to finish.

i took it with my d90. .. it was terrible. stopping in every 20 mins, even in the worst quality and size the files were huge. i thought im going to get bald before finishing it.

it was really difficult to film it btw… im not used to hold the paper this way, and always relatively fixed place so it still remains on the screen (thats why i was afraid to zoom more onto it, i thought im moving more.. next time it will be more zoomed). the tripod was always in the way, i had to push myself not to lean onto the paper, and i sometimes had to turn off the camera and draw a bit in vertical way where i can see the normal proportions so i dont go that much wrong with them. (next time i will try to film it from my back, a bit from the side, so even though it will be from side-view, i can work on it normally)

i think my drawing would have looked different if i dont have this additional trouble with the recording.

i didnt record it in vertical position, turned afterwards. its speed is on 2000%. and yes im holding the pen in the wrong way, and yes, those are my pyjamas-trouser under the table, and you see it well, its colourful : D


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