luhan fanart

luhan fanart 2012

im satisfied with this fanart. lulu actually looks like lulu! : D

.. he looks just a bit angry.. and upset. ehm.. (i was angry and upset when i started to draw him)

i realised two things while drawing it

(just pass if you arent interested in my realisations~)

1) im giving up on small sizes. i was learning drawing on b2 size, and thats what im most comfortable with, the bigger the better, even b1, love it. it feels much better, like you step into the drawing, not just your wrist, your whole arm moves, like dancing. .. i started to avoid that size in fanarts and moved onto a4, b4 because bigger size means more details… and im lazy. : D .. my patience level is like -2. .. and its easier to make proportion mistakes. .. now its 8k, not b2, but still feels much better.. and looks better. so i decided i wont be drawing on small sizes again. fanarts at least. (yes, that was my excuse lalala)

2) im going to draw more knitting pictures. .. i started this drawing, because i was really angry, and wanted to calm myself down, and do something i like, and something that “doesnt matter” (i mean.. not working, or something that actually matters). .. and all these knitting just calmed me down, really much. i was listening ost songs on my old-old ipod, and knitting on paper. i want to draw more and more knitting. .. i will, but i really gotta work, i fell back in productivity too much *hiss*

something else i decided.. giving a little info about the ones im drawing:

so now a bit about lulu.

his name is Lu Han. nicknames given by fans: lulu, xiao lu (means “little lu” also means “little deer”). he is chinese nationality, was born in peking. he is 2 months younger than me (… ? …. 90.04.20). when he was in korea, he was shopping with his friends, an official representative of the sm entertainment spotted him. 4 years later he debuted with EXO (rookie group of the year… with the marketing idea of the year in the music industry in my opinion, and i love them), he is in the chinese subgroup (exo-m). their debut stage in china was in shenzhen, really close to the apartment i was living at (but i wasnt there that time, why would i have been?!). he is great in dancing, he has a … .. weird humour .. but it is still funny (he also walked into the glass door at the airport… twice! .. which is not about his humour, but it was funny) .. he is cute and adorable.


pencils (2h, h, 2b, 4b, 6b), pen, watercolours

paper (100g, 8k)

about 4 hrs


luhan fanart closeup

luhan fanart closeup

luhan fanart closeup

overview.. : )

luhan fanart snapshot on my desk

+ wip photos:

luhan fanart wip

luhan fanart wip 2

watercolour reflextion bokeh


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