family christmas last year

Gaborovna Christmas 2011

last year we chose a theme for the family christmas. it was the 60s.

even my dog had a bowtie, all dressed up elegant! he was absolutely adorable.

Gaborovna Christmas 2011

so i actually really hated that christmas. it was terrible.

and there was like a half-year argument prior to it. .. because one of my brother’s girlfriend wanted to come to our celebration. i was dead angry about it, because for me, christmas is a family thing. come to any other day of the year, but on christmas i wish to see NO-ONE beside my closest family circle. marry into the family, and you are welcomed.

im able to bear seeing any human being on the 364 days of the year, but dec. 24th is the only exception. (i wouldnt be quite happy about 25th either, but whatever, i can take that..)

so she decided to hurt that.

Moreover… well.. the christmas is important in my family, because.. my family is usually living in different parts of the world, travelling really often, but for christmas, we all come home no matter what, or at what cost. this was the case for last year as well, when mainly my brother was the one who was away for longer time, because of his studies in canada. so it’s not only the thing that that girl came here right into the middle of the family celebration, but she decided that she doesnt want to live with us, so she dragged my brother away from the family (from the actual reason why he came home, from the actual date when he came). who the hell that bitch thinks she is?!

i was really angry, and i ended up the only one seeing the situation as it is.

…. so as a … .. counterattack i guess… i had my ex here. who was my boyfriend at that time. we were together for.. about.. 3 years, with smaller-longer breaks. i have never even let him think that he is allowed to come to our family celebration, i have always sent him away a day before 24th, because im with my family on christmas. and before him it was not even a question with my other previous partners, because they all were with their own family for christmas, they all knew and it meant the same for all of them, the meaning of having a family. jeez.. whats wrong with people these days.

so i guess i was the only one thinking like that.

… yea..  it was the worst christmas i have ever had.

Gaborovna Christmas 2011

the girl there in the middle-top with my brother is his girlfriend.

the guy with me at the right bottom is my ex.

Gaborovna Christmas 2011


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