zitao winter fanart

zitao winter fanart

another knitting … another fanart : D

this was the hairstyle i liked most on him so far. though it doesnt really come through the drawing..

on the right top corner.. there is a sand watch. thats because their debut album, mv, and song was the MAMA, and it was his sign there. it meant the “time control”. i have made it look a bit different, a bit cleaner as a sign than it was.

i have also made a wallpaper of him from that mv long time ago. my first wallpaper, which was actually a photomanip.. took quite some time though (because the flower was from a different image, and i basically had to redraw it and the sword as well, was actually not simple : D … here )


• watercolours, pencil (2h, h, b, 2b, 4b, 6b), pen (a white one, a thin one, and a bit thicker one.. im not near them, cant say numbers), ink

• size: 8K

• hours: would be about.. 6 hrs overall, i think.

about him:

his name is Huang Zitao. He debuted as Tao. People also call him Panda, Kung Fu Panda, like that. Because of his dark bags under his eyes, and because he is famous for  his martial arts skills. He is also a part of the EXO group (just like the last fanart, Lulu), and he is also in the chinese subgroup (exo-m). He was born in 93, in china. He is quite the conservative kind. At first he was my favourite member, when that teaser era started. He looked really badass that time. ( just look at this, right? ) But then .. his true personality came out which is .. well.. not a badass, obviously. : D he is quite shy, and sensitive. and i dont like that gay-kind of move he sometimes makes with his hips. :/ too bad. but well, he still looks quite good. i like heavy eyebags. and he is really caring toward others.

i have already drew him before once, for a school homework : D remember? (the “fighter” one … woah, it have been less than a year, and my drawing skills improved so obviously.)


zitao winter fanart - close-ups

zitao winter fanart - close-ups

zitao winter fanart - close-ups

zitao winter fanart - close-ups


DSC_8846 b

DSC_8851 b

DSC_8852 b

DSC_8857 b

i have used my typo from the last snowflake poster as a paint drop holder.. : D

DSC_8863 b


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