The Jolly Joker Concept (yoseob fanart)

the jolly joker (yoseob fanart)

seobbie fanart.. this time without knitting. unfortunately.

but putting a scarf on him would have looked weird in this concept. … still: unfortunately.

so this is a fanart of yoseob’s first solo single album, The First Collage. the main track ( Caffeine ) is quite nice. My drawing is referring to the jacket photoshooting prior to the album. There were several quite nice photos, i liked the series, there was a card concept as well, but it wasnt released later on as much i remember.

Yoseob was having quite a trouble with those cards : D they didnt really want to fly evenly and nicely as they were supposed to. i guess thats why it wasnt used, photoshopping them in would have taken longer time than it worth. his expression was also a bit troubled in the situation.

so i did it for them.

was thinking quite long about the cards. they are a great platform to play with. in the end i stayed with their traditional design (with the bicycle brand btw). i left the red heart ace him to bite.. i thought its quite.. sensual. : D before the heart ace i put another ace, a black one.. because that spades reminds me to heart as well, just a black one. before that the diamond 2 was used because my lucky number is 2. .. the rest is meaningless. except the joker in the front. i wanted to put there something meaningful, and ended up using the b2st logo, cause even though yoseob had a single and they are all really great on their own pathes as well, they are the best when they are together, like the joker, the winning card. it can be used instead of any other card.

the lines throughout the picture are connecting the cards, they are the “concept” : )

overall i like the picture, i am just not happy with how yoseobbie looks like, im not quite proud of it as a portrait.. (and his right hand, i was suffering with it… i should have replaced it with my hand, cause his hand looked really weird in that pose)


as usual..

• pencils (2h, h, b, 2b, 4b, 6b, 8b), pens (black 0.4 mm, white gel), watercolours (cold red, warm red, black, deep blue), ink (red, black)

• 8k paper size

• took longer than it seems … about 6 hrs


the jolly joker (yoseob fanart)

the jolly joker (yoseob fanart) - close-ups

the jolly joker (yoseob fanart) - close-ups

the jolly joker (yoseob fanart) - close-ups

the jolly joker (yoseob fanart) - close-ups

the jolly joker (yoseob fanart) - close-ups


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