yesterday i was filming an interview in this room. im not finished with it, there are still 2 other people left for tomorrow to film. but yesterday i stayed for a little longer in the room and recorded different objects a bit, just to practice with the light.. im not a cameraman, i have only a dslr, and i understand close to nothing about videos, but lately i have been editing some videos, so i felt confident enough to make this small interview. but the lights are really something there, im not used to these scenarios, i try to avoid nights and lamps with  my camera. so im glad i have stayed there for longer, i realised some great mistakes i would have made without this practice.

after this i redesigned an another logo (basically the same company the interview is going for), and made 30 animated gifs out an mv that came out yesterday and i was waiting for a month or so. actually a u-kiss mv, remember that in my summary this group was my most listened in 2012? : )

it kept me busy till morning, i went to sleep and had a horrible horror dream, and woke up at 4 pm in a bad bood. today went to waste. great.


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