02.02 – B-day girl



so why was saturday special? cause it was my day : )

i actually nearly forgot my own birthday .. thats really surprising from such an ego-centric person like me, even i was surprised. i realised it like a week ago. and i didnt really “feel it through”..

whatever, chose a cake in the plaza below us, had some weird dessert at a cafe near it, while watching a whole team filming some commercial probably for the plaza right in front of my eyes. later i decided i want to have martini, was running around the shops to find one… and bought a bigger sketchbook for myself so i can draw comfortably.

so my lucky 22 passed and it wasnt lucky at all. : D (my lucky number is 2, and everything that has 2 in it .. notice how my birthday is also 02.02~~~ : P )

expecting more from 23 and 2013~


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