these days

february cny

mostly thats whats going on here~

• was listening to Adventure Club – Retro City •


5 thoughts on “these days

    1. bubblydiaries Post author

      you are a person of blue-green as i see : DD .. well, i have a hell lot of edit on it, even if it doesnt seem like so. but you will be able to get a similar effect if you use Curves (the coloured ones, i usually prefer to use more of green+purple (green up, purple down)), then fade it with Levels while pulling up a bit the black, and then again slightly go over it with Curves. then the blue-green part, where you add a new layer, make a desirable gradient (here one part blue, the other is transparent), and make the layer’s blending mode to screen, and pull down the opacity a bit. ….. and in the end i suggest to use the “reduce noise” filter a bit, just a bit so it makes it sharper but the way when it still wont loose its details (it should actually bring out the details) or real feel.

      1. bubblydiaries Post author

        let me know if something wasnt clear, im not a good teacher : ) … ah, and … since you like these colours so much … after all you did what i said, i suggest to put a colour filter over it: cyan or underwater. i also like to use them. it will look nice. : ) good luck~

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