im really tired today. lately beside other things, im doing interior. my first interior design. itself alone is stressful enough already, and china doesnt help me at all.

the nice question: how is it to make interior design in china?

the paint i want to have on the walls… is a normal thing, called chrome, not that special actually, but we were looking for it for 3 weeks already, and everyone is looking at us like we just founded a new world that they never heard about. and thats just the paint.

today i went to the north from this city, to the “furniture city”. they said if i cant find there something, then it doesnt exist. especially that everything is made here, come on… well, what i found was actually closer to a nightmare. i was looking for simple and elegant baroque. not much to ask, quite common style, right? what was there as their “baroque” was something like as if Sleeping Beauty exploded there. i spent the whole day there looking for at least something, i dont ask for much, really. i got just really so disappointed. my first interior design seem to fall to the ground with high speed, and noooot because of me, thats the worst.

and these are just the very top of the mountain of annoying irrational things that come with this kind of work .. and i guess im the most annoyed out of the whole team, the others are just “dealing” with it.

i need someone, a really good assistant for myself who will be my shield for these everyday wars, and i dont have to deal with these. / wishes from the heart


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