One Chance (Chanyeol fanart)

One Chance (Chanyeol fanart)

•  P r o c e s s  F i l m  •

•  D e s c r i p t i o n  •

Single work (not part of any series).
Gift for , you will be able to find it around June in some printed forms such as folder, memo or stickers. Contact her for details! : )

i actually like it, its kind of melancholic.

… okay, so i was really trying to write a description now, but im just so exhausted i cant connect two sentences or make any sense now. i might just correct this part next time im alive. … : ))

I have actually just suddenly had one more concept for the Neverland Series yesterday, so a next piece can be expected. i have no idea when i will have time for that though. im trying.

One Chance (Chanyeol fanart) - Detail



•  T o o l s  •

• pencil (2H, H, B, 2B, 4B, 6B), pen (black and white), watercolours (blue, green, purple)

• size: A3

• time: i dont really know, i was drawing it for couple of days, always adding a little, it seemed long.


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