Neverland: Portrait of the Crystals (Lay fanart)

Portrait of the Crystals (Lay fanart)

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first of all i would like to point out there is a great thing coming very soon, about which im just so super excited. its connected with these illustrations.

about yixing i have mixed feelings always. he is one of my bias in exo, but i think i will never really know/understand him. : D

he is really “unknown”. sometimes he is cute, sometimes he is unbearably hot, sometimes he is manly, sometimes he is vulnerable, sometimes he doesnt care, sometimes he is really caring, sometimes he is somewhere else in mind, sometimes he is really there, sometimes he is funny, sometimes … i dont even know. but what he is for sure: he is really honest. look into his eyes, im sure he never lies, i dont even think that he can, even when he pushes a smile it looks just not right. i think he is really a deep person, he has a whole big world inside, and he never shows it. its always hidden. but when he looks up, his eyes are so clear, and so … crystal like. they are wise, and really pure. jewels.

Crystals are hidden, and when they are found they are counted as the biggest treasures. they have a huge inner world, a history that none of us can imagine (such a huge knowledge and no one will ever know), most of them is never discovered. they are born in the hottest fire, and they become so clear and pure they are basically transparent, you only see them when they reflect something. but they have the power to change the way of the light, to slice it up to molecules.

this is my favourite piece so far, it was difficult to draw, it was my first time drawing a crystal-effect on paper.. transparent crystals (important that they shouldnt look like scattered glass) on soft almost transparent portrait on a light background. i dont think i could have challenged myself any more : D

i got lost in his lips and eyes.. and the first time happened that while i was drawing him i got nervous looking at my page, what was looking back at me was just so beautiful, a piece of me fell in love with him in the process : D
Portrait of the Crystals (Lay fanart) - Details

•  T o o l s  •

• pencils (2h, h, b, 2b, 4b, 6b), pen (black and white), ink (purple)

• A3

• about 8 hours

Portrait of the Crystals (Lay fanart) - Details

Portrait of the Crystals (Lay fanart) - Details

Portrait of the Crystals (Lay fanart) - Details


9 thoughts on “Neverland: Portrait of the Crystals (Lay fanart)

  1. Maramau

    Sorry, I’d like to know what is the brand of the white pen that you used while drawing his lashes. You are a true inspiration btw…I’m deeply in love with all the drawings that you’ve made so far and..yeah…that’s all I wanted to say…Keep on doing the good work ^-^. Bye

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