Neverland: Portrait of the Wild (Kris fanart)

Portrait of the Wild (Kris fanart)

•  P r o c e s s   F i l m  •

•  D e s c r i p t i o n  •

When I see Kris .. I always see a steady charismatic person. He is strong, determined, clever. … kind of fierce actually i have that feeling sometimes. Like he could be fierce, he could crash anyone, but he is like a calm wild lion, wise. But dont try to be his enemy, because you will loose for sure.

But sometimes.. based on some interview reaction and so on … sometimes i have the impression that he is really not sure if he is a good leader, or if he is doing his job well. This is the only time I actually wish that the one I drew would check my drawing and read my description here, because I really wish to get my message through him: “Kris, you are a great leader!” I really honestly think, that he has everything it takes and more, he is really clever, and he manages every situation really well, and its really not easy for him.

I pictured him as a real fighter, the leader of the wild nature, with fur around his shoulders like the king of animals have as well. With battle marks, but with the eyes of a fighter, but still kind of melancholic. he does have feelings.

I’m not sure about the story with his earrings, I kind of missed out that event, but people say that he stopped to wear earring because fans said they dont like it. He really does everything ….. i marked that part as a battle scar.

The song on the video, I really do think it fits well to him, and to him as the Portrait of the Wild. The mood and the lyrics as well, pay attention to it.

PS: aaaah, i just really … … not wolf T_T
it wasnt even supposed to be fur in the beginning, i wanted him to have horns, but with that look in his eyes plus the horns = he really looked like a devil, so i changed it. i really didnt want to have fur, mostly because all the wolf thing happened. tried to give a pattern to the fur, which wolves doesnt have, as well as in the intro of the process film i cut there a leopard.
but i know exotics are really sensitive about everything now (me too, i know), and now everything seems to be a sign or wolf or anything. so i was sure its going to be connected to a wolf sooner or later. but its not.

Portrait of the Wild (Kris fanart) - Details

•  T o o l s  •

• pencils (2H, H, B, 2B, 4B, 8B), pen (black, white), ink (purple)

• A3

• … about …. 7 hours…? im really not sure.

Portrait of the Wild (Kris fanart) - Details

Portrait of the Wild (Kris fanart) - Details

Portrait of the Wild (Kris fanart) - Details


7 thoughts on “Neverland: Portrait of the Wild (Kris fanart)

      1. ONE CHANCE (@ONECHANCE1127)

        ohhh sorry dear, but he has the wolf feature personally
        yes, he was back to seoul, but still has quarrel with SM
        so he didnt attend the training TvT
        thats y the CB was delayed
        i really hope he can be back soon

      2. bubblydiaries Post author

        wowowoo, quarrel, i feel like i was left out from something now. i did notice that everyone was worrying about him, and people were saying that they wont calm down until they see he comes back from canada. but i didnt know its something like this. okay, so now im worried too T___T i really think he is great, exo really needs his charisma, i dont even want to think about what could happen to M without him. i cant even imagine what problem can be going on between sm and him .. unless its something about the entire M, he is so protective about them, he is one of the best leader i have ever seen in kpop.. what he has to face over here is really something, and he manages it so well. awokay, im worried T___T the drawing got a new meaning for me as a warrior, and i feel like it came just so in time.

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  2. lianadewintasari

    ah, it’s 2015 and looking back at the things he went through 2013 is a lil bit sad.
    but anyway.
    at first i wanted to adore your neverland fanart without commenting again but this piece is too amazing to not be complimented! that battle mark T.T i just realized and reading your description made me sink into the depth of kris *don;t mind me, it’s just my overflowing feeling.
    love your fanart! keep drawing!


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