its rainy lately.

today i went to the shop right next to our house .. when i came out it was not even raining: it was like a waterfall outside. after 2 seconds i decided i live close, if i run i can be at home in about 6 seconds. its really close, im telling you.

so i ran.

6 seconds, i felt everyone was looking at me like im not normal, and after that 6 seconds i looked like i took a shower, and washed my hair, the same effect. .. okay.

i dont like what i drew today either : ( i think i will put this one on hold, and just draw the next piece in the series. or maybe i should not, because its one of those periods when i forget how to draw. or probably just my mood isnt helping now. and when i tried to take a photo of the lightning.. when i decided i will take a photo of it… it wasnt lightning any longer near the house. i feel kind of unlucky today. : D sigh~



• Today i was listening to Daughter – Landfill


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