im not a fan of starbucks.. like really, im not a coffee expert either, but starbucks coffee isnt enough even for me. the first time i got to like starbucks was the first time when i came to china couple of years ago. it was like an oasis for us western, along with mcdonalds, which is in my eyes the same… mcdonalds is the same for food, as starbucks for coffee. none of them is famous for their quality, but they dont even want to be famous for that.

even though china has really improved like really really a lot in these years since then, i still count starbucks like an oasis for me (us). in europe i barely step into a starbucks, but in china im like a regular guest.

so even though im not into their coffee, and their hot chocolate is also far (really far) from best …. but their black tea latte is really something i love so much : D (though again, im not into earl grey either, but with this exact latte combo it somehow tastes great)



something else: i caused some big troubles these days (yesterday-today), i feel so bad about it, im such a doomed idiot : (



something else II. : • Today I was listening to Rosie Thomas – Kite Song


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