Neverland: Portrait of the Dew (Sehun fanart)

Portrait of the Dew (Sehun fanart)

•  P r o c e s s   F i l m  •

•  D e s c r i p t i o n •

Sehun wanted to be drawn before Zitao already. But the way he turned up in my head, i didnt really like it. So I was kind of hoping it will change after some time. So I put him on hold. This was the only time in the series when i knew something, i already had something born in my head, but i refused it, and waited to change. The problem was that he was supposed to have long hair. like really long. : D and no matter how much the picture was sticking to me, i refused to draw him with long hair.

In the end we met in the middle. its not his usual short hair, but its not too long either.

about sehun…i think he is elegant. he has elegant face lines, his body structure. and he has that kind of “looking down” aristocratic cold look in his eyes, together with that feminine feel in his personality. i really thought that dew drops would fit him quite much. they are like little pearls on a cold morning. soft and elegant, but quite cold. the long-long hair would have strengthened the feminine side (along with the pearls), but i refused. so now he has a shorter, but still a messy long hair, like a teenage boy would have. he is young, and he is the maknae, i feel him always going on his own way. not in a rebellious way, he just does what he wants in a cold way. of course i dont know him in person, so i have no idea if im right or not… but i always have the feeling about him, that he is the one quietly standing at the back, but everything happens according to his will. the kind of person who is never ordering around, and cant care less about leading others, but somehow things always turn out to be as he wishes to. the spiderweb is perfect for this image, playing with it. saying nothing, cold eyes, chilly feeling, sparkling pearls. thats how he makes me feel.
Portrait of the Dew (Sehun fanart) - Details

•  T o o l s  •

• pencils (2h, h, 2b, 4b), pen (black and white), ink (purple)

• A3

• about 7 hours .. i guess?

Portrait of the Dew (Sehun fanart) - Details

•  O t h e r  •

with the last drawing i have finished the FAQ page on tumblr.

and im preparing the music playlists and tutorials. the music was asked a lot, the tutorials only recently, im not quite sure if i can teach anything, im not that good or qualified yet, but i will try, and we will see if they can be at any help.

however im asking you here too, if you are interested in them, send me a message somewhere, about what do wish to see in tutorial, what are you curious about? .. basics, technique, details, concepts, etc?

Portrait of the Dew (Sehun fanart) - Details
Portrait of the Dew (Sehun fanart) - Details
Portrait of the Dew (Sehun fanart) - Details
Portrait of the Dew (Sehun fanart) - Details
Portrait of the Dew (Sehun fanart) - Details


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