sketches – exo fashion


so usually i have tried to upload the next piece from the neverland series on saturdays.. if anyone noticed : D not today, sorry. i did try. its almost done actually. but i just really couldnt get into the mood today, no matter how much i tried. i wanted to draw so much, but i couldnt calm down to the level it takes to draw those pieces. i got really inpatient, and thats a dangerous thing, can ruin everything. so i just left it like that for next time. hopefully soon. (tomorrow? .. hm..)

instead.. since i had the mood to draw, just not that mood. i drew sketches. 30 mins sketches, two of them. lulu and zitao airport fashion : D mostly hair fashion, okay. i really like their hair. though i preferred the platinum on lulu, but whatever, he can have anything, it will look great on him.

it was refreshing to draw these. 30 mins, just that kind of careless feeling, mostly powerful lines, and one line and thats enough, doesnt matter if its 100% correct or not. sigh, i missed it. not that i like this more, it just been a while since i drew like this, and it feels familiar, and nice.

(uni life — when you have to hand in 12 portraits the next day, spending 30 mins on each is already too much, and you still have to do the typography assignment, and 3 versions for the visual identity; AND you still wish to have at least some sleep. haha. its actually fun. im sure i didnt think it was fun when i lived it through, but its fun to look back. : D yes, life teaches how to draw fast : D )


•  T o o l s  •

• pencils: 2h, h, b, 2b, 4b, 8b; pen: black; watercolours: magenta, red, black, blue

• A3 (both of them are on one paper)

have been listening mostly to this while i was drawing: Adventure Club – Ultra 2013 Set


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