the gloomy weather we have over here lately. (not today, because today we had sunshine, and i can kind of recall we had sunshine yesterday too, but it was raining in the last weeks, and will be coming back, the forecasts says)

was listening to this song: Blueneck – Lilitu



and also uploaded another playlist. i actually have prepared some playlists, not finished yet, but in the process of preparing, so will be having them slowly. .. really slowly. ^ ^’


black tea latte – 17 tracks:

1. can’t take my eyes off you – cary brother

2. brackett, wi – bon iver

3. loneliest girl in the world – cary brothers

4. landfill – daughter

5. youth – daughter

6. home – foxes

7. pretty face – sóley

8. dance – sóley

9. scars – anna nalick

10. sort of delilah – anna nalick

11. paint – the paper kites

12. steal his heart – emily and the woods

13. eyes closed – the narrative

14. 9 crimes – damien rice

15. like a song – lenka

16. 4am – iu

17. 길 잃은 강아지 – iu


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