Neverland: Portrait of the Rain (Chen fanart)

Portrait of the Rain (Chen fanart)

•  P r o c e s s   F i l m  •

•  D e s c r i p t i o n  •

Chen is the last from M in the series.. which means M is now full in Neverland : D

Chen has a beautiful voice. I was often listening to Baby Don’t Cry in the bed trying to fall asleep … Chen’s part really gives me goose bumps, its really .. all of them is really, but his voice is just really really. and his chinese : D i love his chinese. i have no idea if he has accent or not, but i find his chinese really .. hot. : DD but then again, chinese is a hot language, i cant help it. im having problems finding hot anything else on chinese grounds.. but mandarin, i gotta give that.

So .. even though at first you might not notice, he is the rain because of his voice. yes, we all know, helplessly romantic people, that listening to rain is really calming, especially in the night. the perfect lullaby. .. Also.. i find him lonely. i dont know if its … but .. he really feels lonely. the other members are getting together quite well, he is also among them, nothing going against him, he just sometimes feels a bit off. a bit.. on the side. and he tries .. he also tries to be a good idol, giving fanservice and such, he tries.. he tries so hard that its actually often awkward. i feel sorry towards him. i know its not, i mean its not that bad as im saying, he is cheeful .. kinda .. but thats just really what i feel about him.

Melancholic, lonely feeling, sad and gentle, and again: the perfect lullaby.

As the rain, i wanted him to have wet hair and that texture on his skin, what we see on the window when its raining. mostly the drops. but then i felt that he will look like a leopard : D … so i gave more of those streams (i have no idea how to refer to them in english). alone this wasnt enough, i was letting this picture going around my head for quite a couple of days, i didnt feel it full yet. .. until the drops on his eyelashes just popped up out of nowhere in the middle of doing something completely different, and that was when i felt that: that is it. and started to draw. i really like those drops.

.. and the music choice. was looking for it for long : D originally was looking for rain sound for the intro video part, but then i found this, and i thought im going to give it a full role. i like its messy feeling, soft, kind of asian, i like that the rain sounds like rain and not like “noise” as in a lot of rain audio. i like the insecure feeling about the song, and the accords when they are just next to each other, and they are not supposed to like that originally it usually hurts, but not here, it just sounds sad. and the background having that regular night sounds, so you know its night and you can fall asleep to the rain.

Portrait of the Rain (Chen fanart) - Details

•  T o o l s  •

• pencils (2H, H, B, 2B, 4B), pen (black, and white gel), ink (purple)

• a3

• hours: 8-10 hours (sometimes i think im drawing with a speed of a snail… i cant think of any other explanation to this)

Portrait of the Rain (Chen fanart) - Details

Portrait of the Rain (Chen fanart) - Details

Portrait of the Rain (Chen fanart) - Details

Portrait of the Rain (Chen fanart) - Details


E X O – M:



Neverland Series - EXO-M


3 thoughts on “Neverland: Portrait of the Rain (Chen fanart)

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  3. lianadewintasari

    hi ^^ i’m Liana.
    firstly i thank you very much for drawing such a beautiful fanart of chen. one of the most charming members of exo, i think, and the way you created the atmosphere of loneliness around the seemingly-cheerful chen is awesome! i love this Neverland concept the most among your other exo fanart (i also like the portrait of the wild and the night–kris and tao aren’t my bias but still, your drawings of them are beautiful T.T)
    and because this drawing inspired me to write a fanfiction about ‘portrait of the rain’, i want to ask your permission to post the pic along with my fic. is that ok? i’ll give you a full credit, but if i can’t, it’s ok.
    keep drawing!


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