that dessert is a russian one. well, okay, i dont know if its russian, but i buy it there, and i havent meet it anywhere else yet.  i like them. my dad brought some (+ turkish delight, yamm) for me couple of weeks ago, and i completely forgot about them! today i was looking for something else and found them.

so i made ginger-cinnamon tea, from ginger i was having in my fridge for quite some time now. having this tea, and this dessert together gives a whole new meaning for today.

im also thinking about drawing. i wanted to work today, i gotta get serious with that part already. im so going to regret it later. but then i cleaned the apartment, got tired, now this dessert, and tea … i really dont want to work or do anything serious. but im not drawing cause i feel guilty of not working. thats just a terrible circle.


• Today I was listening to SHINee (obviously : D ) – Evil & Why So Serious?


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